“ Doing what you like is Freedom

Liking what you do is Happiness ”

Hello. My name is Rohan Bopage and I live in the beautiful harbour city Sydney in Australia. I am a consultant physician and specialist in infectious diseases and sexual health medicine.

I grew up in Sri Lanka and got my undergraduate medical qualification from the University of Colombo and early medical training as a junior doctor in the NHS-UK. In 2006, after migration to Australia I continued my physician training and got dual specialists qualifications from The Royal Australasian College of Physicians. I completed my post graduate masters degree in sexual health and HIV medicine from the University of Sydney Australia.

I work as a staff specialist in WSLHD NSW Health and my work mostly involves providing specialist medical care to marginalised population groups. Apart from clinical work I am actively involve with clinical teaching, research, quality improvement (QI) and digital health projects.



Dr Rohan Bopage

I am a committed advocate for HEALTHCARE EQUITY and promoting COMMUNITY HEALTH services to vulnerable at risk communities. It's challenging, stimulating, satisfying and I get great job satisfaction as a physician working in the community. Community Health services have a key role in early intervention and management of people with or at risk of chronic and complex conditions and work alongside general practice and other community services.

Community Health services are based on the principle of equity and this implies a targeted approach to providing services to subpopulations that have especially poor health status and are stigmatised or marginalised. Preventative Health is essential part of community health, especially to people living with or at risk of chronic health conditions.

DIGITAL HEALTH is my passion and I am keen to embrace the advancements in technology for improving HEALTHCARE QUALITY & SAFETY. Innovation is difficult to achieve because it is essentially change and change is disruptive. In healthcare, change is even harder than in most industries. We can make the change happen; It requires the embrace of something new, different and foreign. I believe giving clinicians chance to lead digital health projects, with consumers and the support from others could help us to face the current challenges in health care delivery.